Going for Great

In early September, we sat down and interviewed Armand Diouf, Account Manager here at DMC Atlanta. The commemoration of our company’s 15th anniversary this summer allowed us to reflect on what solidified this milestone, and the unanimous answer was OUR PEOPLE. In efforts to keep recognizing the best part of DMC Atlanta, we spotlight one budding team member per month. This month we welcomed a sales veteran to our winners circle and are here to share his story & aspirations.

Born in Dakar, Senegal, a French Colony in the west coast of Africa, Armand grew up with an iron-clad mindset and an unwavering dedication to his goals. Thanks to the influence of his military father, Armand’s role model in life, he learned early on that nothing can slow him down in life unless he allowed it to. At the age of 12, Armand was accepted into a military ivy league school, an honor bestowed to only 50 young men across Africa every year. Until his graduation, Armand trained and studied among some of the country’s brightest minds!

College led to Armand to Lille, France, where he studied and received his Bachelor’s in Marketing,Tourism & Languages. Speaking 9 languages himself (4 international and 5 dialects), Armand prepared for a life in the States pursuing a field in communications.

He immigrated to Massachusetts to study at the University of Massachusetts and quickly fell in love with his now-wife, Solange. Citing Solange as his rock, his support system, and the most down-for-whatever woman he’s ever met, Armand transitioned from school to the workforce and accepted a sales position with our client broker in January 2011 to support their growing family!

Naturally, with his background and hunger for success, Armand excelled and was invited by our client broker to oversee a new campaign and office location in San Jose. Work proceeded to take Armand from California to Rhode Island, next to Arizona, back to Rhode Island, and lastly to Florida over the short span of 7 years. Supported by his saint of a wife, Armand and family made each new place they moved to home until finally settling in Georgia. Armand immediately contacted DMC Atlanta, a front runner for our client broker, with a desire to work for an office that had high values and truly cared about their people.  

Now a pacesetter in our office, Armand intends to move into a management role in 2018 and a consulting role for our client by 2025. Stating “I love the challenge working at DMC Atlanta provides me”, you can expect Armand to hit all his goals & some. Did we mention he carries a pseudo billion dollar bill in his wallet to motivate him?!

Thanks to his father’s example, Armand believes in the principle of paying first and playing second; he’s not afraid to put his head down and work hard now for the things he’s wants in his family’s life later. With his father’s recent passing, Armand works to honor his legacy and forge a better path for his own children, Jamal, who Armand fosters, and Armanda! 

Outside of work, Armand enjoys spending time with the family at Six Flags. Annual pass holders, you can find the 4 of them riding roller coasters and taking in the shows every free moment they get. Balancing fatherhood and entrepreneurship like a seasoned pro, Armand brings an increased level of culture, experience, and wisdom to our office. His presence is invaluable and we wanted to extend our deepest appreciation to Armand for his leadership and example. Thanks for everything!


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